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Looking to build your own professional website, but having trouble choosing the best service to get you started? We can help. From price, to template variety, to even mobile optimization, our expert reviews have taken into account everything to help you find the ideal website builder for you!

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Top DIY Builder

  • 14 Day Free Trial
  • No Tech Skills Required
  • Intuitive Drag & Drop Builder
  • 500+ Designer Templates
  • Advanced SEO Tools

The Good / WiX is an intuitive, easy-to-use website builder, perfect for first-time website creators. Their intuitive DIY platform has hundreds of stunning templates which can be customized for websites of all kinds. 

The Bad /  If you are looking to open up an online eCommerce store, Wix lacks the features of some other competitors.

The Bottom Line / With 100M+ users worldwide, Wix Is the world leader in DIY website creation.


  • Free custom domain
  • Award winning templates
  • 24/7 support
  • In-app mobile editing

The Good / Squarespace is an easy to use website builder with award-winning templates geared towards creatives.

The Bad / While they don't offer a free plan, Squarespace does give you a 14 day free trial to test out the service.

The Bottom Line / With hosting, email, SEO, and other helpful tools, Squarespace is a great site for those looking to build a stunning portfolio or showcase their products.


  • Free domain name
  • Customizable templates
  • Drag & drop builder
  • Powerful SEO tools

The Good / Sitebuilder allows you to effortlessly create stunning websites. Plus, with their powerful SEO and marketing tools, your website will be easily discovered by search engines. 

The Bad / Unfortunately, SiteBiulder pricing isn’t clear when you start building, and you might need to upgrade your plan more than once. Furthermore, the SEO tools are only available in the Premium and eCommerce Plans.

The Bottom Line / SiteBuilder give you all the tools to either build a website or have one built for you in 3 simple steps.


  • 1,000s of plugins
  • Free & paid plans
  • Design customization

The Good / WordPress offers an affordable website platform that scales to the needs of different users, whether looking to create a blog for free or build a website to promote your business.

The Bad / Because WordPress offers a feature-rich platform, less experienced users may find it difficult to learn how to build their site and take full advantage of all of the tools available.

The Bottom Line / With over 74 million users worldwide, WordPress hosts a powerful CMS offering thousands of plugins and hundreds of free templates.


  • Free domain
  • Wide range of templates
  • Unlimited hosting
  • Comprehensive SEO package

The Good / is a user-friendly website builder with a variety of plans that can include hosting and eCommerce features. If you ever run into any issues, their support team will help you out in no time.

The Bad / Though they boast thousands of templates, many of them are not responsive and don't work well on mobile or tablet devices.

The Bottom Line / If you are looking for a simple website that can be designed and built in minutes, makes a great choice. 

Best for Online Store

  • Best For Online Store
  • Secure shopping cart
  • Payment gateway
  • Mobile-optimized store

The Good / Our top choice for eCommerce stores, BigCommerce is an easy to use site builder with a wide variety of templates for (almost) every kind of store.

The Bad / If you are just looking to build a website for a blog or business, BigCommerce plans can be expensive.

The Bottom Line / BigCommerce is the perfect website builder for those looking to launch an online store. Plus, they offer a 15 day free trial so you can easily test the site before buying.


  • Free Domain name
  • Professional design layouts
  • Point-and-Click Easy Editing

The Good / With packages that include domain purchase, website hosting, and a simple point and click designer, Network Solutions will have your site up and running in minutes. 

The Bad / Despite their variety of templates, Network Solutions has an additional fee in order to make your website mobile and tablet responsive. 

The Bottom Line / Though lacking in modern, responsive templates Network Solutions is a good place to start if you are unfamiliar with the process of purchasing, hosting, and designing a site. 


  • Free basic website
  • SEO tools
  • Responsive design
  • Free hosting
  • Free images and icons library

The Good / With a free domain, built-in SEO tools, and an incredibly easy website designer, Site123 is one of the simplest site builders on the market.

The Bad / Unlike other builders, Site123 is lacking in professionally designed templates and has limited customer support available. 

The Bottom Line / If you are looking for a simple website and don't have a lot of time to maintain it, Site123 can get you online in minutes.

Customers' Choice

Website Builder
Free Features
Today's Best Deal

  • Free Secure Hosting
  • 14 Day Free Trial
  • Easy Drag & Drop
  • Mobile Optimized
  • Excellent App Market
Free Plan Includes 1,000's of Advanced Design Features
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Gabrielle Fisher

Wix helped me take my florist company to the next level with minimal hassle and at a low cost. With a wide variety of different templates I was able to create a stunning website that my customers could use for flower deliveries. Wix is certainly great value for money and I would highly recommend it to those who lack experience in web design.
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Lizzie Murphy

I recently decided to take my small jewelry store online in order to get more exposure and boost sales. It was my first time building a website and I really didn't know where to begin. After hearing about Wix, I decided to give it a go and was surprised just how simple it was. Not only was the user interface easy to navigate, my site looks extremely professional and attractive.

Joe Schwartz | Website Builders Editor

Our chief content editor, Joe manages a diverse team of content writers. He holds a degree in online communications and his writing has been featured in a wide range of online publications.

Most Commonly Asked Questions About The Top Website Builders

Website builders have become an increasingly popular way for people and small businesses to build basic websites and develop their online presence. This is a much easier way for average people to design websites rather than learning complicated code and specialized software programs. While it’s no substitute for a professionally-designed website, it’s ideal for start-ups and individuals to gain visibility at little to no cost. In this guide, we’ll provide you with all of the important information on website builders, and highlight some of the top website builders that are available today.


What is a Website Builder?

Put simply; website builders allow anyone with basic computer skills to design a website. Most of them use a library of tools to enable drag-and-drop style functionality. This lets you design a website in plain, visual terms rather than through code or other tools.  

You can choose what elements go where, and provide your content, choosing from a number of pre-existing templates, stock photos, icons, layout elements, and much more.  Then, they take care of the domain registration, hosting, and other tech aspects of running a website.

So, what are some of the most popular brands? The top website builders include; Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace.  


What Are Some of the Top Website Builders?

Below, we highlight over a dozen of the best website builders. Specifically, we look at their price and value, functionality, level of service, bandwidth, storage, and speed.  


Wix offers a variety of website builder services, including advanced coding interfaces, in addition to simple, drag-and-drop style design. They have a library of templates, offer free hosting, domain registration, e-mail, SSL certificates, and a bevy of analytics and social media integration features.  

Basic design, features, and hosting are free.  For greater demands, there are numerous plans available, providing higher speeds, more bandwidth, and additional service, these range in price from $11/month to $29/month, with business-grade service up to $35/month.

SiteBuilder is a solid entry in the website builder space, with domain name, email, e-commerce, analytics, and a library of templates available. The basic plan starts at $3.84/month, with premium and e-commerce plans at $5.99/month and $9.22/month, respectively. All include free hosting, drag-and-drop editor, domain names, and statistics, with better support and speed in the higher-tier plans.  


While GoDaddy used to be a domain registration company, they’ve expanded into all related web services, including website builders. Like most companies, they offer a drag-and-drop builder platform, free hosting, SSL certificate, and support, with additional features and greater speeds in higher tier packages.  Plans range from $5.99/month to $19.99/month. offers hosting, SEO, marketing, and lots of other web services, in addition to having a powerful website builder platform.  You can have them build a site for you, or do it yourself. Templates, drag-and-drop elements, free domain, e-mail, and support are included.  The basic website builder is available for $1.95/month for the first month, and $22.95 thereafter.


WordPress is well-known as the standard in blog and micro-site publishing software.  They also offer hosting and various editor software to let anyone create a site. The basic plan offers a WordPress domain only, with higher-tier plans offering custom domains. Blogger (basic) plans start at $3 per month, with 4 additional tiers available, up to e-Commerce for $45 per month.  


BigCommerce is focused on e-commerce sites, providing an interface to let companies build their own online stores.  It includes the ability to accept payments, lets you build on one of nearly 100 templates, and much more. Plans range from $29.95/month to $250/month for enterprise-level accounts.  


Site123 offers free and paid website builder solutions.  The free account is limited, with paid options providing a domain, storage, e-commerce functionality, and reasonable bandwidth limitations, for $10.80/month.


Weebly also offers free and paid services using their drag-and-drop software. Free, Pro ($12/month), Business ($25/month), and Business Plus ($38/month) offer more advanced features and e-commerce support, marketing, ad credits, and more.  


Jimdo uses smart AI technology to select templates and elements for your site. Jimdo offers five plans, starting with a limited free plan that lets you try things out, up to a $39/month plan that gives you access to everything they offer. Bandwidth, storage, and functionality increase as the plan prices increase.


Squarespace is all about designing websites and is considered one of the best website builder platforms available today.  They have a library of designer site templates and all the tools you need to make your own personal or business site. Plans range from $12/month for a personal site to $40/month for an advanced e-commerce site.


Webs has a super-simplified, drag-and-drop website builder. Free accounts are limited and have Webs branding on them, but a $5.99/month option removes that and gives you much more features. Plans for business and e-commerce increase in price, but the max option is $22.99/month, which is quite reasonable.  


Like most other website builders, uCraft uses templates and plug-and-play apps to let you design a perfect site with ease.  Free sites are available, as well as 3 additional paid plans which offer more features, these start from $10/month to $39/month.  


Another website builder focused on e-commerce stores, Shopify accounts range from $29 to $299/month depending on the features you need for your online store.


Focused on sales lead and generation sites/e-commerce, Simvoly has 4 plans, from $12/month to $149/month depending on your needs.  All come with a simple, easy-to-use editor, free hosting, SSL, site membership, app integration, and analytics.


Choosing the Top Website Builder

The vast majority of the website builders around today use a drag-and-drop style interface.  Some offer more functionality than others. Many offer free trials or free plan options that you can use to try things out before you commit to a paid plan.  

You need to look at your present as well as the future, to be sure that whatever option you choose is capable of growing with your business and supporting the features you may need in the future, even if they are beyond what you require today.  The top website builders will have multiple plans available with different levels of services in order to accommodate your needs.


Website Builders vs. Hiring a Developer

Having a custom website built from scratch can be very costly, easily several thousand dollars.  Every time you want to make changes or add content, it can result in additional charges. Using the top website builders, you can do this for just a few dollars per month, without having to hire a developer, and without any great technical knowledge or skills.  It’s a great choice for companies and individuals that are just starting out, and don’t have thousands to spend on a website or online store.


What are the Pros and Cons of Website Builders?

The best website builders offer a lot of bang for your buck, without a ton of drawbacks.  They are fast, easy to use, inexpensive, and feature-rich. That covers a lot of the needs of many people and businesses.  

Still, even the top best website builders can’t do everything.  If your site needs custom code, special functions, your own templates and themes, dedicated hosting, regular site backups, and other, more demanding functions, you’ll need to look for another option, such as a designer and dedicated hosting.


Who are Website Builders For?

The top website builders enable ordinary people and small businesses to get a professional web presence at low cost and with great ease. While almost anyone can use a website builder, they are ideal for:

  • People who need to get a website up and running in a short amount of time.
  • Those who lack technology skills and are budget-conscious.
  • People who feel overwhelmed or intimidated at putting together a website.
  • People with a limited or no site design budget.
  • The best website builders provide multiple plans and options for all different kinds of users, from individual bloggers up through online retailers and professional companies. The choices and features are all up to you, depending on what you are looking for and what you are willing to pay
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