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Joe Schwartz

Website Builders Editor

So you’ve designed, created and published your very own website. Great, but what’s next? How can you drive traffic to your site and how can you ensure that your message gets out there?

So let’s break down the top SEO and marketing tools every fledgling website should use:

SEO and tracking - Traffic tracking tools are designed to help you monitor the amount and quality of incoming traffic. With these tools, users can browse and analyze visitor location, time of visit, the amount of time spent on their website, visitors’ activities on their site, etc. Traffic tracking tools are meant to help you better understand visitor traffic trends and, using your newly acquired data, optimize your site accordingly. Most web hosting services will provide users with helpful traffic tracking widgets and add-ons, including Google Analytics integration, and will even offer premium customers valuable consultation time with their in-house team of SEO experts.

Email marketing - Look for the web hosting service that will provide you with sophisticated email marketing software designed to help you optimize your outgoing correspondence, build effective email campaigns, track incoming leads and conversions, manage your contact list, and so on. This type of software may come at additional cost, however, I recommend paying a little extra for said services as I find email marketing to be one of the cornerstones of online marketing, and surprisingly effective in bringing new leads to your business.

Search engine and directory submission - Search engine and directory submissions could go a long way in helping you expand your reach online. The top web hosting services will submit their users’ website, for free, to all of the major search engines, in addition to key directories such as

eCommerce tools -For those users who are planning on creating and publishing their very own eCommerce site, eCommerce tools such as free online stores, unlimited bandwidth and disk space, and secure credit card processing and Paypal integration could come in very handy. The latter feature is especially recommended and will afford you a completely secure payment process and the guaranteed privacy of your customers’ personal information.

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